Personal Data We Collect

All data sent through our Contact Form is emailed to our admin staff and used only to handle your inquiry. A copy of the email is sent to our IT support for troubleshooting purposes.


This website uses cookies to store preferences and information about your visit to our website. You are free at any time to delete these cookies from your web browser or use tools to block said cookies. However, doing so may affect your experience using this website.

Data Analytics

This website makes use of third-party services by Google and Microsoft to collect data about your website use (IP address, Operating System, web browser). This information is used to help us improve the website experience of visitors as well as for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Server Logs

In the normal process of hosting a website, the web server will naturally generate server logs which contain information like your IP address and browser information. We only use information in these logs for fixing website errors and protecting the website against malicious attacks.

Privacy Policies of the services we use

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