With 15 years of experience Caveena Solutions brings skills to almost every area in the process of building a website. Our clients consult with us to develop a tailored solution for their unique business needs.

Design & Coding

Design & Coding by Caveena Solutions

Caveena Solutions can provide custom website designs that specifically portray your organization’s unique image. To build websites we code with industrial best-practices in mind.

Content Creation & Editing

Content Creation & Editing by Caveena Solutions

Need content? Caveena Solutions can create content for you through a series of face-to-face, telephone or email interviews. We can also edit your content to present your organization in the best light.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO by Caveena Solutions

All websites built by Caveena Solutions have base-level search engine optimization (SEO) built in to aid search engines in presenting your website to those looking for you. We continue to develop our SEO techniques referencing advice from search engines themselves:

Caveena Solutions also offers Advanced & Customized SEO packages for our clients which involve tailoring content with targeted key words, mid- to long-term monitoring and adding semantic Microdata supported & recognised by search engines.


Mobile Website Optimization by Caveena Solutions

With a range of different devices to use – from smart phones to tablet computers – websites ought to be able to respond to different screen sizes & capabilities. Caveena Solutions can build websites that adapt to the device viewing it and provide an optimized mobile experience.


Consulting by Caveena Solutions

Do you already have an in-house IT department or website team? Or perhaps your publicity & marketing departments would like to learn how to best leverage your organization’s website. Caveena Solutions provides consulting services to best combine our website experience with your business & industrial knowledge.


Website Accessibility by Caveena Solutions

Caveena Solutions strongly believes in providing access to website content to everyone regardless of ability. Advances in modern technology have opened up the Internet to virtually everyone. Caveena Solutions uses the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and the Accessible Rich Internet Applications Suite (WAI-ARIA) to ensure website content remains accessible.

User Training

User Training by Caveena Solutions

With each website we produce Caveena Solution offers user training for you and/or your employees to perform routine tasks with the website. By the end of the training you’ll be fully equipped to handle the daily running of the website.


Maintenance by Caveena Solutions

Caveena Solutions provides monthly subscription maintenance options to suit your needs. With content maintenance organizations which regularly generate new and original content can outsource the job of updating their website to us. If you’d like to ensure your website is always up-to-date we offer system maintenance for just that purpose.