Brand yourself with your own Personal Email

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Use Emails to promote your own unique brand. Email addresses have replaced the telephone number as being the way your vendors and customers contact you. Unlike phone numbers, you can promote your brand through your email address.

Promote your brand with your Email address

Caveena Solutions is proud to present our Branding Email package. With it, you can choose among available domain names to customize the perfect email that reflects your brand.

  • Do you have a business? Use email addresses to identify your different business units: [email protected] & [email protected]?
  • How about your own personal brand? Choose an email that reflects it: [email protected][email protected]
  • Have a special event coming up? Why not celebrate it with a unique branding email address: [email protected]

The possibilities are (almost) endless!


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Make User Interface elements Obvious

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Elements of a website’s User Interface need to be obvious. Said another way, don’t confuse users with ambiguous design choices.

Take a look at the following checkbox, a common form element:

Ambiguous checkbox design which contains a checkmark. Is it ticked?

Now ask yourself if the box is ticked. Well, there is a checkmark in the box so maybe it has already been ticked. But no, this is what the ticked checkbox looks like:

The checkbox in its ticked state. The checkbox looks darker when ticked

It’s not obvious, is it? There’s room for improvement here. Make your elements obvious.

Website Backups: A modern necessity

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Website Backups have become a required part of modern website strategies. The sad truth is that websites today are threatened by hackers wanting to deface web pages, servers that unfortunately go down and malware that’s always trying to hijack your website traffic.

When trouble happens, fixing the problem can be very time and resource consuming. Sometimes the simplest solution is to restore your website to a known safe state using a Website Backup.

Introducing our Website Maintenance: Backup Package

Caveena Solutions is introducing our Website Maintenance: Backup Package specifically to address this need. With this package, your website will enjoy the safety of regular automated Website Backups for your peace of mind. On top of that, a copy of your Website Backups are stored off-site to further mitigate the risk of losing your website.


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WordPress plugins for development websites

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When you’re still developing your WordPress website you usually want to keep things under wraps. Here is a list of WordPress plugins that will help support your websites while they are still in development.

Prevent development websites from updating WordPress: Advanced Automatic Updates

Advanced Automatic Updates

Advanced Automatic Updates gives you the option of preventing your WordPress core from updating in your development website. This will help minimize the risk of functionality breaking when things update. You have the option of completely disabling all updates, enabling major version updates or enabling security updates.

Protect development websites from being seen: WP Maintenance Mode

WP Maintenance Mode

There are a lot of “Under Construction” plugins available but I keep going back to WP Maintenance Mode. This plugin will display a customizable “Under Maintenance” message to all non-Admin users who have are not logged in. You can also select which WordPress users you want to grant access to.

An additional benefit of the plugin is that it keeps search engine crawl bots at bay too. You can allow them to crawl the development website or block them with a 503 HTTP response.

Fun fact: This is the plugin I use when doing routine website maintenance.

Get (some) Jetpack functionality without connecting to Unplug Jetpack

Without getting into an argument about Jetpack’s bloat-factor, Unplug Jetpack gives you access to some Jetpack functionality without connecting to Just install the plugin, activate it and… that’s all really.

Stop emails from sending: Stop Emails

Stop Emails

I’ve only recently discovered Stop Emails and haven’t put it through it’s paces yet but this plugin will (you guessed it) stop emails from sending. Note that the plugin only stops emails sent using WordPress’s wp_mail() function. Any emails sent through PHP’s mail() function will still go through.

True story: I was once testing a custom function which just so happened to send emails to a couple accounts I have with Yahoo! Mail and I must have sent well over 3 dozen emails within the span of an hour to test things out causing Yahoo! to think I was trying to spam the account. To this day all, emails sent from that development website domain is blocked by Yahoo.

Do website designers & developers hate GoDaddy?

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You’re not a real website designer or developer until you learn to hate GoDaddy. I joke but GoDaddy doesn’t have the rosiest of reputations among seasoned designers & developers. Recent news of GoDaddy acquiring ManageWP (a popular service to manage multiple WordPress websites) has kicked up #WPdrama dust and once again stirred the GoDaddy hate.

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Use DreamHost Let’s Encrypt with CloudFlare on your website

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In this tutorial I will show you how to use DreamHosts Let’s Encrypt with CloudFlare on your website. This will encrypt the connection between CloudFlare and your website visitors as well as the connection between CloudFlare and Dreamhost. CloudFlare calls this Full SSL (Strict) and is available under their free plan. We will also set up a CloudFlare Page Rule to redirect all HTTP requests to HTTPS.

If you’re a DreamHost user you probably know that you now have access to a free SSL certificate courtesy of Let’s Encrypt. This allows you to serve your website over HTTPS (as opposed to plain old HTTP) encrypting the connection and boosting your Google page rank.

You probably also know about CloudFlare and their free plan which provides caching, optimization and security boosts. So why not use both, eh?

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BackupBuddy settings reset to defaults

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Now this was a head-scratcher: the BackupBuddy settings on 5 of my client websites simply reset for no apparent reason. And that means the websites were not being automatically backed up. Not good.

After chatting with iThemes Support (the people who make BackupBuddy), I learned that connectivity issues between the website and database can fool BackupBuddy into thinking there are no settings causing the plugin to revert to defaults. Connectivity issues could be due to DDoS attacks or a problem with the hardware. iThemes said they are aware of this issue and have built in more checks but as is life they can’t account for every single scenario.

Fortunately I caught the problem during a routine maintenance check on a client’s website. BackupBuddy now comes with a way to export the plugin settings so it’s a good idea to save a copy just in case.