Automated Website Backups

Your Website Backups are automated

You need a website backup package because bad stuff happens all the time. Hackers are going to hack, Servers & Databases can crash, Malware is always trying to sneak in and we humans make mistakes. A website without a backup plan is like sky-diving without a secondary parachute: if anything goes wrong there’s nothing left you can do.

Our Website Maintenance: Backup package gives you peace of mind. You can rest well knowing that it’s there making automated website backups (files & database) for you to fall back on in cases when something unexpected happens.

Website Backups are stored off-site

Your Website Backups are stored off-site

Website backups stored on the same computer/server as your website aren’t really backups. If that computer/server is compromised you’ve lost both your main website and your backups.

That is why we store a copy of your website backups off-site i.e. on a different computer/server. This redundancy further mitigates the risk of losing your website.


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Below is the list of minimum requirements for our Website Maintenance: Backup package. Please ensure the server hosting your main website meets these requirements:

  • *nix Operating System.
  • Access to commands including tar, gzip, php and mysqldump.
  • Access to cron.
  • PHP 5.6 or higher.
  • MySQL Database (only if your website uses a database).
  • Combined website file size of no more than 800MB.
  • Sufficient free space to hold the backups before they are sent off-site. As a rule of thumb, multiply the size of your website files by 2. This is the amount of free space you will need.

Most web hosts today should already provide the above services. If you are unsure or have any questions, please contact Caveena Solutions.

Is your website using WordPress?

Caveena Solutions specializes in WordPress websites which led us to create an even more comprehensive package. It includes everything provided by this Website Maintenance: Backup package as well as security updates, security rules, a firewall and log-in protection. Please contact Caveena Solutions for more information.

Does your website need Content Maintenance?

Website Maintenance: Content

Content is what your website offers your customers. Don’t neglect content maintenance or your customers will buy from someone else! Weather you need your website content updated weekly or only a few times a year, Caveena Solutions can create a Content Maintenance package that is right for you. Contact Caveena Solutions to learn more.



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