Email has become one of the most important ways to communicate today. Undelivered emails can lose your business money. You need top-quality email services to keep your communication channels open with your customers, suppliers and support network.

Email Service without the Fluff

Email services today are bundled with things you may not need: web hosting space, calenders, online office suites etc… These extra services invariably drive up the price.

But what if all you want is email? That’s why we’re offering email service without the fluff. This is just email: no web hosting space, no calendars, no online office suites.

Your own Email domain

Imagine owning an email with a domain of your choosing. Think about it, you could name your domain:

  • after your own business:
  • after your own personal brand:
  • to commemorate lifetime events:

Of course, your email will need a domain. Contact Caveena Solutions to reserve your own domain today!

What our Email service gives you

With our Email service you get:

  • 1GB Mailbox
  • SMTP, IMAP & POP3 support
  • Mail forwarding

BND 45 per year

Need more than 1 email address? Contact Caveena Solutions to get a custom quotation!

Get your own personal Branding Email Now!

What’s wrong with free Email providers like Gmail,, Yahoo! Mail etc…?


Yahoo! Mail

There is certainly nothing wrong with using free Email providers especially since the price point is hard to compete with (i.e. free). But free Email prevents one very important activity: Branding.

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room — Jeff Bezos, founder of

When you open a Google Account, you get an email address with the domain Similarly all emails use either or Some providers like may give you a choice of domains but at the end of the day you cannot create or promote your own brand.

Imagine a business whose main email contact is Does that project a professional image? Is this how you want your customers to view your business?

Working adults can also benefit from using emails to promote their own personal brand. Imagine job-hunting with that old @hotmail account you created when you were still in school. How would you look to potential employers?

Yes! I want my own Branding Email!

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