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Using parallax in web design isn’t new; you can easily find plugins, third-party libraries and no shortage of examples on the interwebz. I was searching for a pure CSS solution only to recall it had already been done with background-attachment and that I used this technique on a client project a few years ago! Silly forgetful me…

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The Dreamweaver blog takes a brief look at the evolution of buttons on the Internet.

Every year the Brunei Darussalam Department of Labour releases a census that all local businesses must fill in. It’s a legal requirement and every year they don’t mind reminding you of the fines for neglecting to do so.

Well this year they’re trying something new: they’re doing it online via their newly released Labour Control System. I applaud the Department of Labour for taking real action in converting actual processes into an online workflow.

Like with any new system, there are bound to be bugs. And I found a rather embarrassing oversight. When asked for my country of origin, I could not select Brunei.

Under Country of Origin, Brunei was conspicuously missing

Erm, yeah. And I had to fill in a value or it wouldn’t allow me to proceed.

This wasn’t the only issue I cam across. Initially the system could not even retrieve my Company Registration Number and simply returned the value null.

Teething problems. It happens to the best of us. I hope the Department of Labour isn’t discouraged because bugs or not this is a step in the right direction!

Edit (19th October 2015): We now have a more complete list of countries which includes Brunei!

Baymard has a write-up on Quick Views and Product List Usability. The key takeaway: Quick Views, which have become a staple for online Product Lists, often hide poor design in the Product List themselves. Almost everything the Quick View brings could just as easily be implemented in the Product List itself.

Good food for thought.

Quick Views are often symptom treatments for poor product list designs. Indeed the test subjects were only appreciative of Quick Views on test sites that had a problematic list item design.

They say “Don’t re-invent the wheel.” It’s pretty sound advice but you should probably know the different kinds of wheels you can choose from. And because it had been a while since I’d experimented with third-party libraries, I decided to mess around with Google’s Material Design Lite framework.

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Now that Google has released it’s Material Design Lite (MDL) Framework, how does it stack up against the incumbent behemoth that is Bootstrap? Tutorialzine has a quick run-down comparing the two including their grid systems, navigation bars and other components. The article includes live, side-by-side comparisons of various components.

Want to get started with Google’s Material Design? Well now you can with the newly-released Material Design Lite Framework.

This billboard design at University Brunei Darussalam reminded me of the movie and comic Persepolis

I saw this billboard on the campus of University Brunei Darussalam and had to do a double-take. I initially thought it was an advertisement for showing the movie Persepolis but instead it was a timely reminder to continue seeking knowledge.

I have neither seen the movie Persepolis nor read the comic on which the movie was based yet it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this design. That really says a lot about the extensive reach of the movie’s art style.

Much like our little Chinese New Year re-skin we decided to dress the website up again for Hari Raya. Hey, if everyone else is going to be flaunting new clothes and accessories I think our website deserves a little bit of shine on this day as well.

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Here’s a simple tip I learned to create clean, presentable gradients. The key word is subtlety.

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