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Let’s play a game: what is wrong with this picture?

If you’re like me and only skimmed it, you would probably have not noticed anything off. In fact, what I did notice was cPanel warning me that the (redacted) domain in question was reaching the limit of the allowed space. OK cool, I added it to my Todo app and went on with my life.

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A few days ago a long-term client received a suspicious email which threatened to remove their inactive email accounts. Naturally the first thing they did was notify us. We immediately smelled a rat and asked them to forward the email to us for further investigation.

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Use Emails to promote your own unique brand. Email addresses have replaced the telephone number as being the way your vendors and customers contact you. Unlike phone numbers, you can promote your brand through your email address.

Promote your brand with your Email address

Caveena Solutions is proud to present our Branding Email package. With it, you can choose among available domain names to customize the perfect email that reflects your brand.

The possibilities are (almost) endless!


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BackupBuddy by iThemes is a wonderfully simple solution for WordPress backup and migration. That is, when it works. On a hunch I decided to check my website backups and discovered that while database backups were fine BackupBuddy was failing to create full website backups. Even worse, emails that were supposed to notify me of the errors were not being delivered.

Yeah, that’s not good.

Now before you jump the gun and completely write-off iThemes, the TL;DR of this post is that there was nothing wrong with BackupBuddy; Acunetix WP Security had added an unreadable file to prevent directory listing. After adjusting some settings I got everything to work again.

If BackupBuddy is failing to create full website backups, check if unreadable files have been added to the file hierarchy. Take particular note of security plugins (e.g. from Acunetix & Sucuri).

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