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If it happens once it’s a novelty. Twice, it’s a coincidence. Three, times it’s a habit. So if it happens four times would that make it an addiction? 🤔 From Parallax to scrolling colour changes to zooming in on image I had another idea to play around with sticky positioning and slides. As has been the case with all my experiments so far, it was surprisingly easier than expected with modern CSS.

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Yet another set of experiments where I use modern CSS and JavaScript to re-create something that used to be difficult to do. This time it’s that “Zoom an image on hover” effect that’s common on e-commerce websites and photography portfolios. Like the other experiments I’ve done so far (see here and here), this was also surprisingly easy to accomplish — the hardest part was *GASP* math.

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The Dreamweaver blog takes a brief look at the evolution of buttons on the Internet.

OK, it seems we need to review Form User Interface 101: when providing users a choice of items, ensure the list is exhaustive.

Case in point: I was filling in the registration form for Brunei’s upcoming Century Run when I came to the field labelled Higher Education Institution. The choices were presented as a select menu. See if you can spot what’s wrong:

Select menu choices for higher education only lists Brunei institutions

The list only contains Brunei institutions of higher learning with no catch-all option for foreign universities. And since this was a required field I had to select something. So congratulations Universiti Brunei Darussalam, for the purposes of The Century Run I am unofficially an alumni! You lucky guys, you 🙂