Much like our little Chinese New Year re-skin we decided to dress the website up again for Hari Raya. Hey, if everyone else is going to be flaunting new clothes and accessories I think our website deserves a little bit of shine on this day as well.

Green is the order of the day and re-colouring background and text colours of elements was the easy part. Carving out the ketupat to be hung to be hung on our logo was tedious but not impossible.

Caveena Solutions Logo with Ketupat hanging

The ketupat image was provided by Creativity Window and is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. The website has a couple more pages with ketupat images under the same licence:

The oil lamps were a bit more fun to do. Using some reference photos I fashioned these bad boys up in Inkscape using basic shapes. Threw in a gradient, an overlay and some drop shadows and I was done. The flame was taken from candles by jarda (Public Domain. Thank you, Open Clip Art).

I’m releasing my Hari Raya Oil Lamps into the Public Domain. You can download both .png and .svg below.

Oil Lamps