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Web Host

Web Host

Now that you have selected your domain name, you need a Web Host. This is simply a computer which stores your website.

You can think of Domain Names and Web Hosts like phone numbers and the phone themselves. If people want to call you, they need to know your phone number but you need a phone to receive the call. Similarly, people need your domain name to reach your website but you need a web host in order to receive them.

There are a plethora of Web Host services out there all offering different prices & features. It can get very confusing and it’s probably best you seek the advice of an experienced website developer. That said, here are some simple tips to help you get started:

  • Determine your short- to mid-term plans. Many Web Hosts offer different packages depending on the number of websites you can host, the number of domains that can be hosted, the number of databases etc… While we cannot easily predict what our website may need 20 years down the road, we can determine what we need now and make educated guesses as to how much it will grow in the next 5-10 years. Purchase a web hosting plan that will support this growth.
  • Can they support your website? If you already know the kind of systems & applications your website will use, find out their minimum system requirements and make sure your Web Host can support them.
  • Check their support options. This is especially important if you do not posses technical understanding of website matters. Find out how the Web Host supports its customer base. Do a search online and find out what other customers have to say. Do they have phone support? Email support? A web-based forum? Do they take questions via Twitter and social media?
  • Linux or Windows hosting? Some Web Hosts offer the option of Linux or Windows Operating System. We strongly suggest you seek the advice of an experienced website developer in this regard but the general rule of thumb is to go with Windows hosting only if your website will be using Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET. Otherwise, go with Linux hosting.

Remember: the cheapest options may not be the best option for your website.

Caveena Solutions offers a Website Account Package for the competitive price of BND100 per year. You will get a Domain Name of your choosing (subject to availability and limited to .com, .org & .net), Domain Privacy and a Web Host account that supports all major systems.

Dedicated Service Providers & Website Builders

Website Builder

While purchasing a Web Host account will give your website the greatest flexibility, some may prefer to use a Dedicated Service Provider or a Website Builder. Neither of these options require a Web Host.

By Dedicated Service Provider we are referring to online services that produce websites of a specific type. They tend to cater to a niche audience and offer features that their audience would find useful. An example is SmugMug which helps users launch photo websites. You’ll also notice they target professional photographers and offer features including an online store to help their users sell their work.

By Website Builders we are referring to services that enable users to build their own website without requiring knowledge of underlying website languages. These services usually have an interface which allows their users to drag and drop elements directly onto their website. An example is

Using Dedicated Service Providers and Website Builders are certainly viable ways to create a website but be sure to research the service before you commit. A few things to look out for:

  • Does the service support everything you want to have on your website? You may want to include a blog, a website forum, have the ability to upload videos, integrate your website with social media all under your selected domain name.
  • Does it suit your budget? There will likely be recurring costs so make sure you can afford it.

Would your website benefit from having it’s own Web Host account or from using a Dedicated Service Provider? Let Caveena Solutions help you make that choice! We offer new customers a complimentary consultation where our website development experts help you find the best solution for you! Contact us now to schedule an appointment!

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