It took less time than I thought to flatten the look of this website. I know we’re a bit late to the party but I really thought it was going to take longer than it did. All I had to do was comment out the CSS3 gradients, remove some borders, straighten out the rounded corners and substitute a font or two. Thank goodness for LESS, I say.

I also took the opportunity to make some other design tweaks that have been bugging me. In particular, I was not 100% satisfied with the main navigation bar. In keeping with a flatter design, I’m much happier with the result.

Here’s the older version:

Caveena Solutions Main Navigation Bar v2.4

And now the newer:

Caveena Solutions Main Navigation Bar v2.5

Cleaner & sleeker in my opinion. There are still some other things I’d like to adjust but for now I can sit somewhat satisfied.