Local Small-and-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) now have an affordable Brunei Online Payment Solution courtesy of Baiduri Bank. This means Brunei SMEs can now accept Credit Card payments (Visa, Master Card & American Express) online! Hooray!

Pricing for Baiduri’s new Brunei Online Payment Solution

So how much will Brunei SMEs have to pay for this new service? Below is a screenshot from Baduri’s website.

Baduri Bank’s MerchantSuite Pricing & Packages

In my opinion, these prices look competitive and affordable. Not quite as cheap as PayPal but certainly much cheaper than the current range of Online Payment Solutions that Brunei has access to. Please note that according to the Baiduri employee who explained the service to me, an “Activity” includes Payments, Refunds and Sending Invoices. Also the Free Activities listed are per-annum.

More information can be found on MerchantSuite’s Baiduri Bank page.

Baiduri Bank & MerchantSuite

It’s important to note that the actual service is provided by MerchantSuite which, according to Baiduri Bank, “is an Australian company that provides business solutions relating to online payment options” and “has been in partnership with MasterCard Worldwide since 2007.” So overall it looks like a stable organization to handle your Online Payments.

If you want to learn more, be sure to visit Baiduri’s special section on MerchantSuite. Visiting MerchantSuite’s actual homepage will display a list of packages, services & prices different from what Baiduri is offering.

4 Options for Online Payment

According to a Baiduri employee, MerchantSuite offers Brunei SMEs 4 different ways of receiving payments:

Via Payment Terminal

The Payment Terminal is not a physical device but on online service that can be accessed via your computer or mobile device. This means you will be able to accept payments anywhere: at your office, sitting in a café, in your living room etc… This is great for people who are always on-the-go and those who want to accept Payment on Delivery.

Via Batch Files (i.e. Recurring Payments)

Selling your products/services on a Subscription Model? Batch Files allow you to set up recurring payments. All credit are stored on a Secure Card Drive.

Via Payment Page

The idea behind Payment Page is similar to PayPal’s Buy Now button: give each of your products it’s own special payment page. Customers who want to buy that product click to go to the Payment Page where they can make payment online.

Via Invoice

As the name implies, you can also receive payment by sending an invoice. The invoice contains a link for your customers to go to in order to make payment. This is great if you need an explicit document and also if you want to invoice your customer for buying more than one product. Keep in mind that issuing an Invoice counts as 1 Activity.

API & Plugins for popular CMS’ (only for Gold & Platinum Packages)

If you have a website running a CMS you’ll be glad to know that MerchantSuite offers plugins for many popular Content Management Systems including Jigoshop, Magento, OpenCart and WooCommerce. However, only the Gold and Platinum Packages have access to them. This means that if you want to completely automate your checkout, invoicing & payment workflows the Bronze and Silver packages are not enough.

Well Done, Baiduri Bank!

I am extremely pleased with this Online Payment Solution (at least on paper 🙂 ) Kudos to Baiduri Bank for continuing to support Brunei SMEs!

This is not a sponsored post, neither is Caveena Solutions a representative of Baiduri Bank or MerchantSuite. Nothing provided on this page is guaranteed to accurately represent the services offered by Baiduri Bank and/or MerchantSuite. Caveena Solutions is merely relaying the information to spread the word.