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So it looks like Google is getting in on the Domain Registration Business. I’m all for another player in the field but am cautiously optimistic considering this is Google.

Domains come with up to 100 email aliases which forward your emails to existing accounts. I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually they integrated this with Gmail through Google Apps for Business. More information on their Features page.

And like all things new at Google, the service is under an invitation-only beta.

Domain Privacy at No Extra Cost

Google Domains Free Domain Privacy

One thing I do applaud Google for is they will be providing Domain Privacy (what they call Private Registration) at no extra cost to the buyer. I’ve been a huge proponent of Domain Privacy and even included a section on it in our Websites 101 article. Kudos to Google for taking this step.

Google Domain Pricing Revealed? USD 12 a year

Google Domains Pricing


If you’re anything like me you quickly asked “OK Google, how much?” So far there is no official word but an image on their Features page seems to indicate a price of USD 12 a year. Considering they are throwing in Domain Privacy as well, that’s not too bad.