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Although there is no bulletproof way to stop people downloading images on your website I still get this request every now and again. If you really want to protect your images don’t upload them at all but if you must you can “protect” them by including a watermark in the center or uploading a low resolution copy. A popular, if somewhat notorious, method is to disable right-clicks on the website but I do not encourage this because it confounds what the user expects of the browser. It also does not prevent people from digging the image out from their browser cache.

But while I was in the shower this morning I had a silly, if naughty, idea to “protect” an image with nothing but HTML and CSS. Here’s the codepen:

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I support the separation of presentation from structure.

I think it’s admirable we’re moving towards code reuse and modularity.

I’m all for using HTML tables for data and not for page layouts.

This is the perfect world I strive for in building websites. But we don’t live in a perfect world. We live in a messy world where clients want visible changes immediately and we’re working within parameters of time, money and energy that we have no control over.
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