Unless you make a living building websites, you’ve probably never asked yourself Why SEO Matters. CEOs and business owners have more pressing matters to deal with like growing a business and establishing a customer base. Sure, maybe you’ve taken the time to put together a quick website and stay engaged on social media with a myriad of phone apps but who’s got time for Search Engine Optimization and all that malarkey?

Why SEO Matters

In a nutshell, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has to do with how visible your website is to search engines and, by extension, to your potential customers who use those search engines. Take a moment to reflect on how often you use Google, Yahoo! or Bing to find things on the Internet. Whether it’s a public organization, a business in your area, movie reviews or the latest celebrity gossip, chances are you’ll immediately go to your search engine of choice.
With so many people using search engines to find what they need on the Internet, your website needs to stand out from the crowd. This is why SEO matters: it helps you do just that.

This is why SEO matters: it helps you, your website & your business stand out to the right people for the right reasons.


Does SEO still matter if my website is already on Google?

Getting your website noticed by search engines used to be a messy, haphazard process that was prone to errors and abuse. But when Google hit the scene they developed (and are still developing) powerful search programs that do a very good job of discovering information even on websites that don’t put much effort into SEO. Other search engines have also followed suit.

But if modern search engines can already find your website, does SEO still matter at all? The answer is, naturally, YES! SEO is ultimately about attracting paying customers to you, your website and your business. SEO helps search engines sort the information on your website with the goal of presenting your website information to potential customers in a way they find understandable, meaningful and useful.

Why SEO Matters: SEO helps search engines display your website in their search results

That’s the power of Search Engine Optimization.

Why SEO still matters: it helps present your website information to potential customers in understandable, meaningful and useful ways.


SEO matters to me! What SEO services does Caveena Solutions offer?

Caveena Solutions offers a range of SEO services including:

  • Website Audits: Find out where in your website SEO is lacking.
  • Keyword Research: Determine a list of keywords your website can target.
  • Tailor appearance on Search Engine results page.
  • SEO Writing: Creating or editing content for SEO.

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